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Interested in sending out messages via Dnote? Please get in touch!

Some restrictions and conditions apply. Please see ‘Note re Sending’ to the right / below, which also contains the subscription rates.

Note re Sending

Dnote’s clients are, almost exclusively, (1) public arts spaces; (2) private art galleries; or (3) artist-run spaces. Venues are normally located on the island of Ireland.

A few restrictions apply, including:

  • The space must not be shared with disruptive activity; the most common examples of this would be a space that is also a café or restaurant, or just a corridor.
  • Dnote is purely for visual arts and visual-arts-related activities; we don’t cover the other arts.
  • While Dnote is happy to cover ‘fairs’ that are purely for the visual arts, it doesn’t do more general fairs, even if they’re in an art space.
  • Commercial venues must have participated, during at least one of the past five years, in the VUE art fair or an equivalent.
  • Dnote does not do the secondary art market.

The most common subscription to Dnote is for twelve months, at a rate of €280 / £240; no VAT is charged. This allows for up to 10 Dnote entries and inclusion in the weekly mailshots. It also allows for inclusion on the website and in Dnote Twitter and Pinterest (and occasional Instagram) posts. The six-month rate is €150 / £130 (up to 5 Dnote entries). The one-off rate is €55 / £48.

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