Wolfwalkers: The Exhibition

from 2 December 2020
Wolfwalkers: The Exhibition | from 2 December 2020 | Butler Gallery
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Butler Gallery continues its successful partnership with the immensely talented, Kilkenny-based, and four time Oscar© nominated Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon, in an exhibition response to their new film WolfWalkers, that will coincide with the Irish premier.

Viewable online here.

For series of lunchtime online talks, see list below.

The exhibition, designed by Steven McNamara of Roji, will include core working drawings and backgrounds, and will highlight the strengths and messages of this animated film whose story offers conflict, humour, pathos and resolution and is centered in medieval Kilkenny.

In a time of superstition and magic, when wolves are seen as demonic and nature an evil to be tamed, a young apprentice hunter, Robyn, comes to Ireland with her father to wipe out the last pack. But when Robyn saves a wild native girl, Mebh, their friendship leads her to discover the world of the WolfWalkers and transform her into the very thing her father is tasked to destroy.

The most famous shape-shifters in Irish myths are the man-wolves of Ossory. These shape-shifters were the descendants of Laignech Fáelad, the ancestor of the Kings of Ossory, whose medieval realm included most of County Kilkenny and County Laois.

WolfWalkers focuses on the conflict between individuals who seek to dominate nature and people who want to live in harmony with it. The former see themselves as masters of a land they’ve subdued, whereas the latter share a place in the natural world. That conflict is embodied visually in WolfWalkers: The Exhibition in the division between the rectilinear buildings of Kilkenny and the sensually curving vegetation in the forest, a division that extends to the lines used to draw them.

As with previous collaborations with Cartoon Saloon, Butler Gallery will deliver an extensive programme of public engagement for adults and children and will include walking and drawing tours of Medieval Kilkenny and local forestry with Cartoon Saloon animators, art and biodiversity workshops for adults and children, a talk series with the film directors, historians and environmentalists which will be live streamed online, online tours of the exhibition, an Animator-in-Residence and much more!

Join online for a superb line-up of speakers offering their personal insights into the inspiration and creation of Cartoon Saloon’s latest film WolfWalkers.

  • FREE Registration is required for each talk.
  • All talks will be recorded and will be made available on our YouTube Channel.
Tomm Moore & Ross Stewart
  • January 20, 1-2pm:
    WolfWalkers – Storytelling into Film

    Irish storytelling is at the heart of WolfWalkers. This talk explores the influence of Irish stories, and how scripts are developed from initial ideas into fantastical visuals. A unique opportunity to meet Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart, Creative Directors of the film.
    Register here
  • January 27, 1-2pm:
    A Director’s Perspective

    Assistant Director of WolfWalkers Mark Mullery gives fascinating insights into the making of the film and talks about his role in the weaving of multiple creative strands into a final product for the big screen.
    Register here
  • February 3, 1-2pm:
    The Producers Perspective

    Producers Paul Young and Katja Schumann outline what it takes to get a film like WolfWalkers from ideas stage to development to final green light. An industry insight into how producers support a film’s creation and completion.
    Register here
  • February 10, 1-2pm:
    Meet the WolfWalkers Characters

    Every film needs heroes and villains. Character Designer Sandra Andersen and Animation Supervisor Svend Rothmann Bonde discuss character development and how personalities are brought to life from initial concept designs to finished animation.
    Register here
  • February 17, 1-2pm:
    Researching the world of the WolfWalkers

    What might Kilkenny in the 1640s look and feel like? How does the landscape design help to tell the film’s story? Join Maria Pareja to hear about the research undertaken that developed the film’s art direction.
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  • February 24, 1-2pm:
    Bringing it all Together

    Animation, storyboarding, backgrounds, characters – how does it all come together? Layout artist on WolfWalkers, Grainne Rose Fordham discusses the role in bringing various creative elements together to create the final 3D film. Grainne is Artist-in-Residence at Butler Gallery for the duration of the WolfWalkers: The Exhibition and discusses some of the exciting projects she has coming up as part of her time at the gallery.
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  • March 3, 1-2pm:
    Wolves in Ireland

    A chance to discover more about the stars of the show! Discover the history of wolves in Ireland and the rich folklore connected to this primeval animal. Creative Directors Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart are joined in discussion with Dr Kieran Hickey, Department of Geography, UCC and author of the book Wolves in Ireland; A Natural and Cultural History.
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from 2 December 2020
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