Strange Attractor

Saturday 20 November 2010 – Monday 4 April 2011
Irene Murphy with the Quiet Club: How long is a piece of string, in ART=Adding Sczecin Poland, 2010 (Photo Tomasz Madajczak) | Strange Attractor | Saturday 20 November 2010 – Monday 4 April 2011 | Crawford Art Gallery

Live performances with invited guests:

20 November – ‘System’

4 December – David Toop & Mary Nunan

15 January – Stephen Vitiello

5 February – Rhodri Davies

5 March – Alessandro Bosetti

2 April – Steve Roden

Performance: 12 – 4pm

Crawford Art Gallery is pleased to present Strange Attractor a dynamic multi-dimensional series of collaborative ventures between five artists, Anthony Kelly, Danny McCarthy, Irene Murphy, Mick O’Shea and David Stalling.

The project begins Saturday 20 November with monthly durational sound performances with invited guests, leading to a gallery based exhibition and publication in April 2011. Throughout this project the artists will be working both as a group and as individuals using improvisational sound performance, experimentation with technology and combined media to explore creative possibilities resulting in an experience that offers multiple points of entry for the audience.

The live performances with invited guests opens new cross-disciplinary relationships between sound, visual art, music and choreography, and feature internationally renowned artists David Toop and Mary Nunan (4 December), Stephen Vitiello (15 January), Rhodri Davies (5 February), Alessandro Bosetti (5 March), and Steve Roden (2 April). Performances take place from 12 – 4pm and entry to all events is free with the audience are invited to move around the space during the performance. The launch of Soundcast 4×4+1, a new limited edition audio CD published by Crawford Gallery & Farpoint with a specially designed foldout, containing images by Irene Murphy and texts by Francis Halsall and Peter Murray.

Strange Attractor 1: SYSTEM is the first in this series of 4-hour sound performances which begins on 20th November at 12pm in the Sculpture Gallery. This performance experiments with sound generated from movement and drawing on an amplified floor which creates a feedback loop between action and amplified reaction. Each performer will improvise with the sound source and effect each other’s creative actions.

Strange Attractor culminates with an exhibition and publication by Kelly, McCarthy, Murphy, O’Shea and Stalling in the Crawford Gallery (April 1 – 30) and will further develop the sound and visual possibilities already explored in the performances by using sound installation, still and moving image, video documentation, and further live events in the various spaces of Crawford Art Gallery.

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DANNY McCARTHY is one of Ireland’s pioneers of performance art and sound art in Ireland and he continues to be a leading exponent exhibiting and performing both in Ireland and abroad. In 2006, he founded the Quiet Club with Mick O’Shea the Quite Club a floating membership sound (art and electronics) performance group. He is a founding director of Triskel Arts Centre and the National Sculpture Factory.

Selected performances/exhibitions: 2010: ‘Postcards from The Celtic Tiger’, Xuhui Arts Museum, Shanghai; The Quiet Club (tour) World Expo ; 411 Gallery and the Jing An Arts Centre, Shanghai; “Hearing Place” in Melbourne, Australia. 2009 : Nova, Lyric FM, documentary on the artist. ‘Another Gong for Mr. Beckett’, Factory Gallery, Berlin .”LISTEN hEAR” Book on works “Farpoint Recordings”2008: ‘Art is not Mute’ Museum of Art, Uppsala, Sweden; The Quiet Club, Static Gallery, Liverpool .”Listening With The Sound Turned Off” Solo Exhibition Triskel Cork 2007: “(Re)sounding Memories /Watering The Plants”, Le Lieu Centre dArte Actualle Quebec, Canada 2006: curated CD ‘Bend it Like Beckett’ Art Trail. 2005:“TRACE Retrospective2000-2005”, Franklin Furnace, New York. “Sound Out” curated with David Toop. “Playing John Cage” Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol,UK

IRENE MURPHY’s work questions the role of the artist, creative space, and engages with a broader concept of creativity. A common link in her art are ideas about performativeness, site specificity and communality with Murphy’s art acts being private interventions into public space. She is active in initiating and participating in many group and collaborative projects and events, such as The YOYO Club, Ideal State Agency, Electric Rain, Us Live and Club House. creative trio The Domestic Godless that use food and hosting as their chosen medium. Murphy is a founder member of the Cork Artists Collective and The Guesthouse.

Selected performances/exhibitions: 2010: Art=Adding Szczecin Poland. ‘What Happens Next is a Secret’, Domestic Godless, Irish Museum of Modern Art; 2009: Seesound, The Guesthouse, Cork Film Festival; 2008: Plus Minus, The Yellow Box Oland, Sweden. 2007: Diorama, Static, Liverpool 2006: Somethingelse, Helsinki, Joensuu, Turku and Oulu Art museum Finland 2005: INSIDEOUTSIDE, Yuwaku No Mori, Japan, Cork Capital of Culture.

MICK O’SHEA works spring from his essential experience in drawing. His medium includes sculpture, drawing, sound and cooking. In 2003 O’Shea and fellow artist Stephen Brandes and Irene Murphy set up the collaborative practice, The Domestic Godless which, through performative cooking events, explores culinary activity as art practice and tests assumptions about the cultural traditions of food in challenging and often irreverent and absurdist ways. In 2006 he formed The Quiet Club with Danny McCarthy to promote and showcase improvised music and soundworks. O’Shea is a member and director of the Cork Artists Collective.

Selected performances/exhibitions: 2010: The Quiet Club, World Expo, Shanghai; ART=ADDING: Szczecin, Poland; ‘What Happens Next is a Secret’, Domestic Godless, Irish Museum of Modern Art; Sonic Vigil V: 7 hour sound performance, St Fin Barre’s Cathedral Cork (curator); Pimping the Maids: Gaitkrash; Cloud Bait: TRACE CD with Paul Hegarty; TESLA: Quiet Club CD with Danny McCarthy; IKIRO: sound collaboration with Takahiro Suzuki; Binary Jam: Quiet Club:, Liverpool 2009: Then + Now: Evolving Art Practice, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork; The Cabinet of Curiosities: Cork Midsummer Festival; Salon Bruit: Berlin.

ANTHONY KELLY & DAVID STALLING have been collaborating on a series of sound and visual works since 2003. Their work encompasses a shared practice of recycling ‘objets trouveés’ of sound, visual and text material in their ongoing collaborative sessions. The juxtaposition of contrasting material results in a series of audio/visual ‘musique concrète’ pieces. Kelly & Stalling founded the sound art label Farpoint Recordings in 2005, publishing not only their own work but projects with artists such as Danny McCarthy, Alan Lambert, Linda O’Keeffe and Damo Suzuki

Selected performances/exhibitions: 2010: Shorelines, touring exhibition, venues include Sir Wilfred Grenfell Gallery, Cornerbrook, Newfoundland, The Rooms, St. Johns, Newfoundland, Mermaid Arts Centre, Wicklow and Siamsa, Co. Kerry. WAFER at SOMA Contemporary Art Box, Waterford. 2009: Unknown Point as part of Visualise Carlow & Eigse, Frequencies at the Basement Gallery, Dundalk. 2008: Two Places at Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast & Limerick University, The Incubation Space – artist residency (Aug – Nov) at The LAB, Dublin. Auralog at This Is Not A Shop gallery Dublin as part of DEAF festival, screenings at Anthology Film Archives, New York.

Image: Irene Murphy with the Quiet Club: How long is a piece of string, in ART=Adding Sczecin Poland, 2010 (Photo Tomasz Madajczak)
Saturday 20 November 2010 – Monday 4 April 2011
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