Sheila Rennick: Hot Body / Ugly Face Syndrome

Saturday 12 June – Saturday 4 September 2010
Sheila Rennick | Sheila Rennick: Hot Body / Ugly Face Syndrome | Saturday 12 June – Saturday 4 September 2010 | NCAD Gallery

The National College of Art and Design Gallery is pleased to present ‘Hot Body/Ugly Face syndrome’, an exhibition of paintings and drawings by a recent graduate of the college, Sheila Rennick. Rennick was selected from an open call for submissions to exhibit in the gallery during the 2010 annual Degree Exhibitions which continue throughout the college from 11th June until 19th June. The graduate exhibition series runs in parallel to the Degree Exhibitions and is intended showcase the work of artists who have completed their studies at NCAD within the last three years.

Sheila Rennick’s paintings are as dense with layers of narrative and bright, thick oil paint. Using imagery taken from everyday media outlets, newspapers, magazines and most recently, social networking sites like Facebook and Bebo, Rennick creates a cast of characters, human, animal and in between hybrids, who are at once familiar and grotesque. She distorts and re- presents these found images, sometimes poking fun at, sometimes inviting pathos towards her subjects. Her mischievous dreamlike scenarios always contain some echo of truth to life, which is what makes them compelling. Her work is imbedded in popular culture, teen culture, booze and fag culture, and other every day banalities, all rendered in the sweetest shades of impasto paint. Recently, Rennick has begun a series of drawings, which she will present for the first time at the NCAD gallery. These are pared back, more immediate line drawings offer quick observations, coloured in pinks, neons, blues and yellows using children’s markers and office highlighters.

Image: Sheila Rennick
Saturday 12 June – Saturday 4 September 2010
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