Richard Gorman: And Then…

Saturday 28 October – Saturday 25 November 2023
Richard Gorman: Step | Richard Gorman: And Then… | Saturday 28 October – Saturday 25 November 2023 | SO Fine Art Editions | Image: Richard Gorman: Step | interlocking, fairly simple geometric shapes, six in all, in strong mid-blue, slightly brownish grey, purplish black, slightly bluish grey, pinkish orange, and black – colours roughly in order rotating clockwise from top left

It is an honour to host this exhibition of print works by artist Richard Gorman titled ‘And then…’.

For Gorman, printmaking has been an occasional but integral part of his practice, which involves creating his fine art prints in a collaborative way – between the artist and print studio or master printer (who is usually an artist as well). Working in such manner allows Gorman to glean inspiration and knowledge from the master printer he works with, and all the experience they bring in that particular medium. These relationships are important for any artist of Gorman’s stature to investigate the medium of print and make works that have a different texture / finish or result and of course because prints are editioned, it makes the artist’s work more affordable.

Gorman has worked in many print studios worldwide, utilising different materials and printmaking techniques – from rough plywood woodblock prints to the litho stone for lithographs. The surface also impacts Gorman’s work and he acquired skill in the traditional methods of paper making in Japan, which has greatly influenced the papers he prints on and the textures he creates.

He made prints at ‘A Fleur de Pierre’ the French Atelier of Jacques and Etienne de Champfleury. Operating from Paris for over thirty years the workshop is dedicated exclusively to the complex and fascinating process of stone lithography, and is one of the very few remaining studios still using this traditional stone technique today.

He later worked with Michael Woolworth, also in Paris, concentrating on woodcuts, lithographs and monotypes.

Gorman lived for many years in Japan working with Satoru Itazu at Itazu – Litho TOKYO, and played a pivotal role in forging artistic and cultural links between Ireland and Japan.

In Milan he worked with Giorgio Upiglio, an expert fine art printmaker for fifty years. Closer to home, Gorman has worked collaboratively with Stoney Road Press and Graphic Studio Dublin for many years, creating geometrical elements with moments of both quiet contemplation and exuberant colour combinations.

This exhibition is a celebration of Richard Gorman’s prints and the professional and artistic collaborations that helped and informed this excellent body of work. “Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful things can be achieved” – Unknown. Nowhere is this more true than in the outstanding scope of works envisioned by the artist Richard Gorman.

Image: Richard Gorman: Step
Saturday 28 October – Saturday 25 November 2023
SO Fine Art Editions
Powerscourt Townhouse
Dublin 2
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