Peter McKenna: Dissolution et al

Tuesday 8 November – Tuesday 6 December 2016
Peter McKenna: Dissolution et al | Tuesday 8 November – Tuesday 6 December 2016 | Toradh Gallery

Peter McKenna has developed a deep passion for painting in oils over the past 12 years. He spent most of his life working in the field of graphic arts. He was encouraged by his friend John Dougan, who has since passed away, to take up painting initially. He has studied extensively the processes of oil paint and all that it offers…but still retains his lifelong love of drawing, which is of paramount importance in the whole process. He has been influenced by a few artists, one of whom, Adam Markovic, introduced him to his great love of portraiture. He has worked on and off over the past few years with another Portrait artist, William Nathans, who has been an important influence on his art practice.

Landscapes are another of Peter’s passions especially when it incorporates architectural elements. He is intrigued with rural buildings which have deteriorated over many years and how colour and light are integral to their character.

For this exhibition he has put a body of work together which includes both landscape and portraiture. His main focus has been on rural structures that have become dissolute over years, yet have retained a certain beauty when looked at from a historical aspect. He is intrigued by the mood of dishevelment, the myriad of colours within, while looking for the original simplicity in the transitional state of those once proud buildings and so paints their portraits. He explores the landscape with loose and sophisticated brushstrokes. Many of his paintings are taken from local landscapes around Longwood and Trim in County Meath where he lives and has his studio.

His art practice is a never ending journey of learning colour, form and style. This exhibition is a way station on this journey.

Tuesday 8 November – Tuesday 6 December 2016
Toradh Gallery
Ashbourne Cultural Centre
Ashbourne, Co. Meath
Telephone: +353 46 9097414
Admission / price: Free

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