NSF Graduate Residency Presentations 2018

Thursday 22 March
Isolde Donoghoe | NSF Graduate Residency Presentations 2018 | Thursday 22 March | Crane Lane Theatre

Claire Scott – Waterford Institute of Technology

Scott’s work focuses on the artwork as a process. It aims to examine the nature and influence of the unconscious, characterised by the individuals’ unique constellation of experiences, by fixing the course of its creation in the physical world. The work is an embodiment of making where particular quirks come to light leading to a journey of discovery for both artist and viewer alike.

Isabel English – Crawford College of Art & Design

English’s current set of work is based around the notion of found drawings left as evidence for what could be described as unrealized plans to some sort of Utopia. It manifests itself in a number of different ways; a 3D rendering; a sets of modular concrete blocks’ series of drawings often grouped together on top of a seamless plane, balanced on lengths of timber. Nothing here is set, there is no mortar holding it together.

Sarah Roseingrave – Crawford College of Art & Design

Roseingrove draws on memory, such as imprints, traces, and residues as inspiration. Her research involves deserted spaces, their interiors and exteriors. Ephemeral atmospheres are created via obscured, layered and cracked surfaces. Themes of growth and transience are linked to memory, such as nature taking back over abandoned places.

Isolde Donoghoe – Limerick School of Art & Design

“I am interested in opening portals through art. I am learning about the links between evocation and reverberation and building a practice that can more consciously utilise this inherent connection. I want to heal, shine and sing with the rest of everything.”

Image: Isolde Donoghoe
Thursday 22 March
Crane Lane Theatre
Phoenix Street
Telephone: +353 21 427 8487
Admission / price: As per event

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