Morag Myerscough: A Good Night’s Sleep

Friday 1 December 2023 – Sunday 3 March 2024
Morag Myerscough: A Good Night’s Sleep | Friday 1 December 2023 – Sunday 3 March 2024 | RUA RED | Image: geometric patterns in bright colours; the design is reminiscent of work by native Americans, but the colour scheme seems more African

Morag Myerscough with the community of Rua Red

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A Good Night’s Sleep is a bold, colourful, immersive intervention created by artist Morag Myerscough with the community of Rua Red.

Rua Red commissioned Morag to work with the Irish Refugee Council’s Youth Service, DoubleTake Studio, New Horizon HUB, and the Tallaght Ukrainian community to explore the multifaceted theme of ‘belonging’.

Over 10 months the participants shared their hopes and dreams, fears and struggles through a series of intensive workshops led by the artist. The groups connected using the power of colour, word, and sound to express themselves. Weaving together the diverse journeys and perspectives of all involved, Morag has designed a series of built enclosures that represent a safe, secure, and warm space.

It is this inclusive, safe, secure, warm space that forms the basis for A Good Night’s Sleep.

“Throughout our workshops, we have shared stories and listened to each other. The discussions that emerged emphasise for me the importance of creating inclusive and safe spaces for individuals to express themselves authentically. Everyone has a story to tell, a perspective to share, and a voice that deserves to be heard.”
– Morag Myerscough

Morag Myerscough’s work is characterised by a colourful boldness, high levels of positive energy, and massive community input. Her visual vocabulary is inclusive by nature, and its effortless energy resonates both visually and emotionally with audiences well beyond geographical and cultural boundaries. What has been created here is a space of warmth and joy, embracing the beauty and the richness of each individual experience.

A Good Night’s Sleep was made possible by many people in our community coming together to make it happen. Rua Red would like to thank: our community of participants who contributed so generously to the workshops; Natascha Muldoon, Aoife Dare from the Irish Refugee Council and all the young people from the Irish Refugee Council’s Youth Group; Sharon Devlin, Double Take Studio; Laura McLernon, New Horizon HUB, and Artist Facilitators Ella Bertilsson, Ala Busir, Polina Kozka, Michael Mangan, Dee Pouch, Alicia Raye, Domhnaill Corrigan and Megan Scott.

We also thank our supporters and funders The Arts Council; Creative Ireland; South Dublin County Council and Dulux Paints. The unwavering support of Rua Red’s Board of Directors is also gratefully acknowledged.

Friday 1 December 2023 – Sunday 3 March 2024
South Dublin Arts Centre
Tallaght, Dublin 24
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