Marilyn Gaffney: Memories – A Homecoming

Friday 7 February – Thursday 27 February 2014
Marilyn Gaffney: Mind Map | Marilyn Gaffney: Memories – A Homecoming | Friday 7 February – Thursday 27 February 2014 |

Opening Reception Thursday 6 February at 6:15pm

Memories depicts a title I have been investigating for a number of years within my practice. A Homecoming describes this moment in time within my practice whereby I have ventured back to local ground to display works which previously have ventured further a field internationally and nationally within Ireland but not in my home county.

I am interested in a relationship to landscape and how particular places hold memories and can embody emotional responses. A snapshot memory of a place may be recreated through automatic responses with material as a form of remembering. This relationship of memory and landscape brings about an emotional response because the place holds sentiment.

The notion of Urban Memory and the loss of certain things within a place when it has been changed features as research within my work. Working intuitively, I re-create places previously visited through my memory. My work involves the process of collage and the printing technique through using inkjet printers, photocopiers and scanners. Manipulation of the image by printing process with zooming, ink running out and other printer ‘mistakes’ informs the work with textures of a language close to painting. I am interested in the combination of representation and abstraction in painting. The non-representational is met through the ‘mistake’ marks made in the printing process, while the representational are created by building up of textures and tones.

Introducing a spatial dimension as a result of the sculptural pieces created; manipulation of paper is pivotal to the sculptural works. Stitching paper together creates forms that appear embodied of a person within the land and the overall piece creating a presence within the space. There are a wider range of possibilities to the space as a result when introducing the three-dimensional aspect into the work.

Marilyn Gaffney holds a Masters Fine Art in painting from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Born in Westmeath. She lives and works in Dublin. She earlier obtained the D. O’ Sullivan Award in 2009 and John O’Leary award in 2010 which entailed her to undertake residencies abroad. She earlier graduated with a Distinction grade (B.A Ordinary Degree) in Fine Art from IT Sligo. She graduated with First Class Honours (B.A. Honours Degree in Fine Art) from Sligo Institute of Technology. Marilyn has had various exhibitions in Ireland, Britain and Europe. Her most recent work was exhibited in Colorado and California U.S.A.

Image: Marilyn Gaffney: Mind Map
Friday 7 February – Thursday 27 February 2014
The Atrium
Westmeath County Buildings
Admission / price: Free

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