Magda Karol: In Process

Friday 22 September – Saturday 18 November 2023
Magda Karol: In Process | Friday 22 September – Saturday 18 November 2023 | Garter Lane Arts Centre | Image: two separate images, probably painted; the overall colour is in each is blue with what may be a moon towards the top which is mostly white; in each artwork we see a single head of someone facing to the side, apparently contentedly asleep |

Magda Karol: “In 2015 I completed a degree at South East Technological University in Waterford; in my master’s thesis, I focused on the analysis of place/space in performance art.

I have been cooperating with Spraoi International Street Arts Festival as a maker and with Waterford Walls International Street Art Festival – as a mural artist and creative workshops facilitator – for almost a decade. In both artistic practices, I use academic research to prove the more significant impact of place/ space in each art project.

Communication is also vital in my artistic practice, both verbal and non-verbal. The former is essential to engaging diverse audiences through creative workshop activities, and the latter refers to the message I want the viewer of my public art to read in my artworks”.

In Process, an exhibition of work by Magda Karol, offers a unique opportunity to experience the power of art in bridging human connections amidst the overwhelming sea of information that can often drown out the essence of human interaction. Through her art, Karol creates a space that reflects the ever-evolving emotional landscapes of our contemporary existence, providing her audience with a vessel for communication and engagement. This series of works is a testament to the profound impact that art can have in building bridges between people, and offers an insightful perspective into the emotional and cultural fabric that defines our world today.

Friday 22 September – Saturday 18 November 2023
Garter Lane Arts Centre
O'Connell Street
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