Hares on the March: Open Call for Artists

deadline end August 2015
Hares on the March: Open Call for Artists | deadline end August 2015 |

The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation was set up by Senator Mary Ann O’Brien, and Jonathan Irwin, based on their own experience of caring for their son Jack at home until he passed away in 1997 aged just 22 months.

Over the past 18 years, the Foundation has supported some 2,000 children throughout Ireland (from birth to four years old) with brain damage who suffer severe trauma, as well as providing end of life care. Parents often describe the J&J services as the Gift Of Time. Time to do the things other families take for granted – to do the shopping, get some sleep, take their other kids to the park. Less than 20% of their funding comes from Government. Fundraising is a constant imperative.

Hence their latest project. They have previously had cows, eggs, pigs and now they are setting Hares on the March. The Hare is iconic in Irish society, being both a mythical creature and taking pride of place on our National coinage over the years. 

As an artist you turn a great idea into a great event, and for this we are truly grateful. Your works of art are turned into nursing hours for sick children, and on behalf of the families supported, the Foundation cannot thank you enough for your support. It is expected that the event will bring something to you, too. Your unique piece will go on display in Dublin for 6 weeks, and it is hoped that your career will benefit from the exposure.

Jack & Jill & Mad March Hares

And the madder the better. One hundred 3 foot hares on 4 foot plinths will, look good and stand tall in various locations around Dublin city centre in early 2016. Just how mad things get is entirely up to you, the artists we invite to take part.

Hares on the March will be a public arts event, and a positive contribution to the economic, cultural and social life of the capital. The general public get enthusiastically involved. And the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation will generate much needed funds.

Why a hare?

Well, there are many reasons. The hare is Irish, rich in mythological significance, associated with the Dawn, the wheel of life, the Spring, madness and genius and, famously, hares go mad in March. They have also been here since the ice age!

That said, they live lonely lives. We thought we might bring them out into society for a bit of a swagger, and for you to transform. Your canvas for 2015 / 2016 will stand 7 feet tall, all told, and will certainly stand proud.

To receive an Information Pack please contact:

Dave Southern,

Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation

Hares on the March – Project Manager

Johnstown Manor, Johnstown Naas, Co Kildare

Mob: 087 923 9187

Tel: 045 894 538 / 660

Email: hares@jackandjill.ie

Web: www.jackandjill.ie 

deadline end August 2015
Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation

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