Friday 15 October – Friday 17 December 2010
GREEN MACHINES | Friday 15 October  – Friday 17 December 2010 | Science Gallery

You’ve got €5 million to save the planet – how will you invest?

Opening on 15 October, Science Gallery’s new exhibition GREEN MACHINES invites you to kick-start a new revolution in sustainable design.

Will you bet the future on wave power or bamboo bicycles? How about house-insulation made from fungus or a shower that uses nano-generators to turn pressure into heat? GREEN MACHINES, sponsored by Dimplex and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland/ Power of One, is your opportunity to decide which technologies have the greatest potential to take us away from the brink of environmental catastrophe.

After a crash course in the INVESTMENT BOOTCAMP – where you will be drilled on the principles of good investment and sustainable design – you will receive €5 million in Science Gallery currency to invest ground breaking inventions including the Caroma Profile; a toilet with a built in sink, Polli-Brick; a building solution using recycled plastic bottles and Latro; a lighting solution powered by algae.

Once you’ve invested your €5 million, it’s your chance to go back to the drawing board come up with your own invention in the Design Studio, and participate in a design competition aiming to talent-spot Ireland’s next leading green designer. The winning designer will receive a bursary of €3,000 and an opportunity for a unique internship to work on developing future green technologies in Dimplex.

GREEN MACHINES: KICK-START THE REVOLUTION opens to the public on October 15th and runs until December 17th. It is open Tuesday-Friday 12:00-20:00 and Saturday-Sunday 12:00-18:00. Admission Free with a suggested donation.

Friday 15 October – Friday 17 December 2010
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