Gash Collective, Aisling Phelan: SPECTRUM

Saturday 18 November – Sunday 19 November 2023
Gash Collective, Aisling Phelan: SPECTRUM | Saturday 18 November – Sunday 19 November 2023 | RUA RED | Image: against a black background with streaks of red, we see a sort of light-drawing – bright white jittery lines, with a sort of contouring in a paler bluish-white of various thicknesses; we see outlines of what appear to be two faces, both looking downwards, one to the left, one to the right – this is a symmetrical image, with the same pattern both sides; from a distance, the overall pattern seems to resemble a pelvis

Performances by Gash Collective and Visual Artist Aisling Phelan

​Tickets €10 (€14 to incl. late night bus to city centre)

Join us at Rua Red Gallery, for a late-night showcase of the vibrant spectrum of electronic music and visual arts in Ireland.

Spectrum will explore the boundaries of the gallery space, offering a unique experience over three nights between November and May, inviting attendees to reimagine the possibilities of late-night entertainment.

From 10pm to 3am, Rua Red Gallery will come alive with an electrifying program, unveiling some of Ireland’s finest homegrown selectors, producers, and performers. Spectrum is set to provide an inclusive space to engage with art, community, and the dance floor, offering an experience like no other.

The inaugural Spectrum event on November 18th will feature newly commissioned work by visual artist Aisling Phelan and music curated by the remarkable GASH Collective featuring –







GASH Collective is an Irish collective and label dedicated to supporting female, trans, queer, non-binary, and underrepresented individuals in music production and DJing. Through a combination of

collaborations, safe space initiatives, curated events, mix series, and educational workshops, GASH aims to shine a spotlight on marginalized talents across Ireland’s music landscape.


Aisling Phelan is a multi-disciplinary visual artist, working across 3D animation, photography, video, virtual reality, and live interactive technologies. She graduated from Fine Art Media at the National College of Art and Design in 2022.

Phelan has a keen interest in exploring the intersection of art and technology. Her work is primarily concerned with the exploration of the digital self and the potential for this to further our understanding of our physical selves. In exploring humanity’s relationship with technology, and the merging of our online and offline identities, her practice questions what is lost in the digital reconstruction of the human form. Phelan’s main interest is how art can be used as a tool to inform the public about current digital infrastructure and its effect on our social and mental well-being. She is a co-curator of D.A.T.A, the Dublin Art and Technology Association, and an active member of Terrarista TV collective, an artist-run online streaming channel based in Kassel, Germany.

Saturday 18 November – Sunday 19 November 2023
South Dublin Arts Centre
Tallaght, Dublin 24
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