Fictional Reconfigurations (& Embodied Transformations)

Wednesday 22 February – Wednesday 19 April 2023
Fictional Reconfigurations (& Embodied Transformations) | Wednesday 22 February – Wednesday 19 April 2023 | SIRIUS | Image: the title of the show is overlaid on dark-ish background; the top and right, roughly speaking, is greenery; bottom and left, though stretching across most of the image, is a rippled shape reminiscent of a reclining figure
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Fictional Reconfigurations (& Embodied Transformations) is a workshop series by Georgia Perkins and Amanda Rice that features the artists Nina Davies, Becky Lyon, and Jo Pester and their ideas on more-than-human intelligence, modes of communication, and agricultural practices. It explores the linguistic prefix ‘re-’ and its uses toward possible forms of resistance to today’s emergencies and calamities – geopolitical unrest, climate instability, financial struggles – by posing practical alternatives to violent and inefficacious structures. Over three Zoom sessions, participants use aspects of fiction to rehearse dances, re-body earthly curriculums, and reconfigure interspecies communication to speculate on the potential for change in the present and conditions for a reimagined future.

Fictional Reconfigurations (& Embodied Transformations) is organised by Georgia Perkins, curatorial fellow at SIRIUS, and artist Amanda Rice.

Nina Davies
Fictional Dance
22 February, 6–7.30pm

Nina Davies’s workshop responds to popular dance forms circulating and trending on social platforms like TikTok, which seem to emerge almost from a vacuum.

Jo Pester
The Shape of Words/Worlds – Bodied Communication in Alien Landscapes
15 March 2023, 6–7.30pm

Jo Pester’s workshop stems from her research into interspecies and more-than-human methods of communication.

Becky Lyon
Breaking Spells, Spell-ing Worlds to Come
19 April 2023, 6–7.30pm

Becky Lyon’s workshop explores how ecologies have become environments bewitched by all kinds of spells designed to make us feel unwelcome, even violently excluded.

All sessions are free to attend, but advance booking via Eventbrite is required.
The Zoom link is shared by email on 22 February in the morning.

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Wednesday 22 February – Wednesday 19 April 2023
The Old Yacht Club
Cobh, Co. Cork
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Wednesday – Saturday, 12:00 – 17:00
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