Ella de Burca: Wolfroy Goes to Town

Thursday 18 November – Saturday 18 December 2021
Ella de Burca,The Sad Sunflower, 2021 | Ella de Burca: Wolfroy Goes to Town | Thursday 18 November – Saturday 18 December 2021 | Kevin Kavanagh
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Next in our series of online exhibitions is Wolfroy Goes to Town by Ella de Burca. In Wolfroy Goes to Town  Ella has created a series of images from watercolour, eggshells and pulverised petals. The images serve as devotions to the flowers growing in her garden. Ella’s research into their medicinal healing properties overlaps with her research into the mystical properties of viewer interpretation.

Ella works through performance, sculpture and poetry to focus on how humans construct meaning, particularly from a female perspective. Ella is especially interested in how we perform as ‘viewer,’ and the discourse surrounding active versus passive experiences.

Ella de Burca’s ‘Wolfroy Goes to Town’, is now available here.

Selected exhibitions and performances include: ‘Guest,’ Newbridge House, Ireland, 2021, Kunstenfestival Watou, Belgium, 2021, ‘control,’ Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, Frankfurt, Germany, 2019 (solo performance), ‘Pirouette,’ The Hugh Lane Municipal Art Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, 2019 (solo performance), ‘Flat As The Tongue Lies,’ U.C. Irvine, California, 2018 (solo show), ‘We Only Want The Earth,’ Adobe Backroom, San Francisco, 2018, ‘Post-Peace’ at the Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Germany 2017, and Nest, Den Haag, Holland, 2017, ‘Coup de Ville Triennale’ Warp, Belgium, 2016, ‘Slow Future’ at the Centre of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland 2014, ‘Playing Nature’ at the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2013 and ‘ReBuilding Utopia’ at the Emergency Pavilion, the 53rd Venice Biennale 2013.

Image: Ella de Burca,The Sad Sunflower, 2021
Thursday 18 November – Saturday 18 December 2021
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