Elena Duff: Me and My Shadow

Wednesday 27 August – Tuesday 23 September 2014
Elena Duff: Me and My Shadow | Wednesday 27 August – Tuesday 23 September 2014 | Toradh Gallery

Opening Reception Tuesday 26 August at 7pm

Meath County Council Arts Office are delighted to present Me and My Shadow by Meath Artist Elena Duff in the Toradh Gallery this August.

Your shadow is an ever-present companion and a lengthening reminder that darkness is falling and night is coming. These works depict a realm of ever-present shadowy thoughts, reminiscences and experiences. Little figures have been carefully sculpted in order to populate this world where they live statically within their individual, miniature scenes.

There is an element of control in the creation of these pieces, with artist having god-like notions by forming their own population who have no free will of their own, who must do the artist’s bidding and who are forever trapped in the surroundings given to them. However, making these works is simultaneously childish, the act of an adult still playing with dolls and living in an imaginary world. The main purpose of the little figures is to serve the function of representing us. Their presence both as a subject in paintings and used within mixed media pieces helps to create a narrative and make visible the invisible – thoughts, dreams, hopes, expectations and disappointments, many of which are not just personal, but universal.

Many pieces feature a solitary figure amid their created environs, others display only an arm and hand reaching, but never quite grasping. All of my works are based loosely around the theme of ‘fairytales for adults’ and as such some pieces display deliberate whimsy, while others have darker undertones. In this group of works, the shadow, i.e. the world of inner thoughts, for good or ill, is the sole companion of a solitary person.” Elena Duff 2014

The exhibition will be opened at 7pm 26th August in the Toradh Gallery, Ashbourne Library & Cultural Centre, Killegland Street, Ashbourne by award winning author Niamh Boyce and will run until 23rd September. The gallery is open to the public during library opening hours.

Wednesday 27 August – Tuesday 23 September 2014
Toradh Gallery
Ashbourne Cultural Centre
Ashbourne, Co. Meath
Telephone: +353 46 9097414
Admission / price: Free

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