PhotoIreland Festival

Thursday 1 July – Sunday 11 July 2010
PhotoIreland Festival | Thursday 1 July – Sunday 11 July 2010 |

Dnote are proud to be a sponsor of the PhotoIreland Festival.

Thurs 1st July

Vote No. 1 | Miriam O’Connor| Selected locations

1st July, 12:00pm – 11th July, 8:00 pm

Vote No. 1 it could be argued confronts and challenges all the facets typically eulogized in a traditional campaign. Here – there are no polished personas portrayed, no votes to be cast, no party political allegiances given rank, and no mastered catchphrases declared. This unorthodox campaign positively asks the viewer to look again and consider the ‘life’ and ‘after life’ of the political campaign placard.

Displacement | Shelley Corcoran | The Ormond Wine Bar

1st July, 1:00 pm – 11th July, 5:00 pm

In this work, Shelley Corcoran explores, through video, projection and photography, the psychiatric mechanism of displacement and how it can be both adaptive and undesirable. Shelley examines how, when displacement is used to the extreme through fantasy and neurotic behaviour, the fine line between the rational and the irrational is blurred. Are we all capable, when faced with an out of the ordinary situation of resorting to displacement in the extreme?

Thrown at the Wall: PhotoIreland Projections | Selected Artists | CityArts

1st July, 6:00 pm – 11th July, 5:00 pm

Thrown at the Wall. PhotoIreland Projections, a view on Photography today, scheduled as video projections at the recently opened City Arts.

The Birth of Motion and Colour Photography | Eadweard Muybridge, The Lumière Brothers | Mondrian’s Room

1st July, 6:00 pm – 11th July, 6:00 pm

Rare original photographs from 1887 and 1907-11 by Eadweard Muybridge and The Lumière Brothers

Muybridge’s influence on our visual culture has been profound from the 1880s to the present day. In 1878, Muybridge succeeded in taking a sequence of photographs with 12 cameras that captured the moment when the animal’s hooves were tucked under its belly. This project, which illustrated motion through a series of still images viewed together, was a forerunner of motion picture technology.

The Lumière Brothers, Auguste and Louis, had been experimenting with colour photography since the 1890s, publishing their first article on the subject in 1895, the same year they won international fame for their discovery of cinema and their public screening in the Grand Café in Paris. Following this remarkable milestone, the brothers who already ran one of the most successful photographic companies in the world, devoted tireless effort and enthusiasm to achieving what they considered the invention of their lives; the autochrome, the first commercially viable colour photographic process.

Demise en Scène | Michael Boran, Ethna O’Regan | Monster Truck Temple Bar

1st July, 6:00 pm – 17th July, 5:00 pm

Demise en Scène brings together work by Michael Boran and Ethna O’Regan that delve into the vernacular and commercial visual sphere surrounding the holiday experience. Many travellers are compelled by the futile quest of capturing essences of natural beauty that live up to their holiday experience. Boran and O’Regan are looking the other way, unravelling the mechanics operating in perceptions of amusement and pleasure. The work invites us to contemplate upon the artifice and commodification of historic/touristic sites and the often-hollow promise of good times that seem implicit with the process of tourism.

The Gift | Giorgia Fiorio | Gallery of Photography

1st July, 6:00 pm – 23rd August, 6:00 pm

In powerful black-and-white photographs, Giorgia Fiorio records heightened moments of spiritual and religious ritual from across the planet. ‘The Gift’ explores the relation of the individual to the Sacred. It reveals the tenacity and endurance of all human beings in their search for spiritual meaning in their lives. Taking nine years to complete, ‘The Gift’ brings the viewer on a journey, paralleling the artist’s personal quest for truth and, perhaps, salvation.

360 degrees | Ruben Ochoa | Smock Alley Boy’s School

1st July, 6:00 pm – 11th July, 6:00 pm

Suffice it to start walking, indefinitely, to someday come back to the same place. In 360º Rubén Ochoa has tried to go from one point to another, in a relation chain between objects, persons and places that will take him invariably to the place he started. With a quite playful thirst, he entrust himself to prove that chance also has an order, and that everything is subject to a simple relationships net that makes us common. The exhibition has no begin. Like in an endless conversation, the themes -images here- open a possibility of a new image and the build together a memory that plays to a circle. Before it can be completely seen, the image makes a gesture that invites to see the next one. The object is no longer fundamental and becomes into a document of a simple exploration.

America | Deirdre Brennan | Sycamore Club Gallery

1st July, 6:00 pm – 11th July, 6:00 pm

America is a selection of images from Deirdre Brennan’s documentary work for The New York Times and other publications from 1998 to 2008. These photographs seek to capture the quintessential essence of what it means to be an American. Deirdre has an anthropological interest in ordinary people, their lives and stories. Elements of magical realism are also woven into her practice. Classical composition and simplicity of line combined with a modern aesthetic are of primary concern.

Fragments From a Broken World | Kennard Phillipps, Sean Hillen | National Photographic Archive

1st July, 6:00 pm – 2nd August, 6:00 pm

Fragments From a Broken World presents the work of three artists who search newspaper archives, picture libraries, corporate advertising literature and printed ephemera for source material to generate their vision of the world. A world that appears strangely familiar despite being turned on its axis to ask the difficult questions that politicians and their PR teams are expert at deflecting. The images they collect have previously circulated widely in the media, reporting international conflicts, in advertising campaigns and as popular tourist imagery before being archived in electronic databases. They consider these archived images as inherently unstable and open to manipulation to generate new meanings. In a time of political uncertainty and corporate unaccountability their art practices act as an ethical counterpoint to ubiquitous images that advertise and promote excessive consumerism and corporate greed. A broadsheet newspaper will be published to accompany the exhibition, with contributions from John Berger, Mic Moroney, John Slyce and Doireann Wallace.

Inspiration | Perry Ogden, David Bailey, August Sander, Roger Mayne, Gilles Peress, Donovan Wylie, Alan MacWeeney | Sebastian Guinness Gallery

1st July, 6:00 pm – 31st July, 6:00 pm

As part of the PhotoIreland Festival, will be launching a show entitled Inspiration. Curated by Perry Ogden, international photographer and filmmaker, this exhibition features a selection of Ogden’s own work along with images by David Bailey, August Sander, Roger Mayne, Gilles Peress, Donovan Wylie, Alan MacWeeney, Paul Grahem and Stephen Pyke through which he has found inspiration.

Kleinburger: New Photography and Video from Austria | Gianmaria Gava, Harald Hund & Paul Horn | Exchange Dublin

1st July, 6:00 pm – 11th July, 5:00 pm

This small exhibition aims to give a glimpse on the question of contemporary artistic creation in Austria that is known for its mountains and musical culture, its gastronomic and Imperialist heritage, its scandals and its refusal to learn from history.

I Like Boring Things | Dorje de Burgh, Tansy Cowley, David Morrissey, Samuel Cunnane,Kate Nevin, Anna J. McCormack, Edmund Doherty | The Centre for Creative Practices

1st July, 7:00 pm – 6th July, 6:00 pm

I Like Boring Things is an exhibition by seven contemporary photographers exploring themes of fear and fragility, the melancholy of change and loss, alienation, the everyday, memory, solitude, and the intimacy of fleeting moments in modern society. The exhibition title makes playful reference to photography’s fascination with the everydayness of our existence and the automatic appropriation of importence to what the photographer points their camera at.

Etterspill / Postlude | Eva Ljosvoll | Monster Truck Temple Bar

1st July, 10:30 pm – 12th July, 12:00 am

The subjective experience of time is one of the artist’s main subjects. The personal experience of time is something very characteristic of a person’s state of mind. Different layers of time existing simultaneously are part of this subjective time experience. Memories exist simultaneously with the present. Like the French philosopher Henri Bergson said: “Time is the force that creates everything”. Etterspill / Postlude is a continuous video image consisting of a two minutes loop, without sound.

Outdoor Screening of ‘The Gift’ | Giorgia Fiorio | Gallery of Photography

1st July, 10:30 pm

On Thursday the 1st of July at 10.30pm, The Gallery of Photography will delight us with an outdoor screening at The Meeting House Square, of a film version of The Gift. The running time is around 18 minutes and it will be looped. Come and enjoy the show!

Friday 2nd July

NCAD Photography and Digital Imaging Exhibition | NCAD CEAD Students | NCAD

2nd July, 6:00 pm – 4th July, 6:00 pm

This exhibition showcases the work of the 2010 graduates. The work on show covers a broad variety of approaches to the photographic medium: this includes digitally constructed images, analogue darkroom prints, photographic books, both colour and black & white work, and collage. It touches on genres such as portraiture, landscape, street photography, but often takes these genres in unexpected directions.

The Thing That Bruises You | Selected Artists | The Back Loft, La Catedral

2nd July, 6:00 pm – 11th July, 5:00 pm

Housed at The Back Loft of La Catedral Studios, The Thing That Bruises You presents a salon style exhibition of works by a selection of recent photography graduates from across the island. Representing a broad range of innovative techniques, styles, and photographic practices, the exhibition promises to exhilarate, inspire and provoke. Works are mapped out floor to ceiling, gallery wall to gallery wall, representing a lavish visual survey of contemporary views and concepts undertaken by graduates in recent years. In so far as this exhibition engenders an opportunity to showcase these old and new works, it also attempts to address the vexed nature of being a graduate in the current climate, where the quest for gallery space, opportunities and recognition in the field are enduring issues.

Domestic Landscapes | Bert Teunissen | Noble & Beggarman Books

2nd July, 6:00 pm – 11th July, 6:00 pm

For the first time ever, Bert Teunissen’s entire Domestic Landscapes archive of 568 images, in a 50 minute looped slide show. Domestic Landscapes is an ongoing archive that includes hundreds of images, the product of more than ten years’ work by Dutch photographer Bert Teunissen. The project aims to capture the atmosphere and light of homes across Europe while recording the rural traditions that are slowly disappearing due to the impact of modern farming practices. Each of Teunissen’s colour photographs is composed around natural sources of light, just as the buildings themselves were once constructed around the idea of light, having been built before the Second World War, when the supply of domestic electricity was not widespread.

Heaven Is Under Construction | Mirjam Siefert | LBC Severed Head Gallery

2nd July, 6:30 pm – 31st July, 4:00 pm

Mirjam Siefert’s work can be said to begin as a simple expression of her frame of mind as she journeys through the streets and street corners of her daily existence. The goal is not resolution – but instead the asking of questions by the act of capturing of visual fragments and personal impressions of the experience of everyday life. Through this process, the relationship of the individual to their environment slowly emerges, becomes visible, and vital…

The Scarred Landscape | Debbie Castro | Mill Street Studios

2nd July, 7:00 pm – 11th July, 6:00 pm

There are two sides to every story. The Scarred Landscape is an exhibition of photographs, documenting how the construction of a motorway has negatively impacted on the lives of over 300 landowners, their families and their livelihoods in rural Ireland.

Self | Alexander Binder, Sam Falls, Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoe, FloraHanitijo, Orrie King, Skye Parrott, Brea Souders, Logan White | Indigo and Cloth

2nd July, 7:00 pm – 11th July, 5:00 pm

An exploration of fragments of memory as voyeuristic observation, conceiving the experience of ‘self’ as a bi-product of mass media dissociation. Creating a ‘memory bank’ through a lens, the artist becomes an observer of their own lives, forging the personal as dissociative media experience.

Group show featuring artists represented by Daniel O’Gorman-Visual Research, including Alexander Binder, Sam Falls, Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek, Flora Hanitijo, Orrie King, Skye Parrott, Brea Souders and Logan White. Daniel O’Gorman and Indigo & Cloth invite you to Self:

Friday 2nd July 7pm, Self group show opening reception.

Friday 2nd – Monday 5th July, You Were Here slide show by Skye Parrott.

Monday 5th – Thursday 8th July, a slide show by Sam Falls.

Thursday 8th – Sunday 11th July, Traum slide show by Alexander Binder featuring dark soundscapes by Black Mountain Transmitter.

Friday 9th July 7pm,SHOOT: photography of the moment presentation by Ken Miller

For The Love Of Exposure | Andreas Pettersson, Conor Buckley | Space 54

2nd July, 7:30 pm – 11th July, 5:00 pm

For The Love of Exposure (FTLO) is a platform for both emerging and established Irish creative talents to showcase their work together in one accessible and contemporary environment. This can include anyone working in any creative media; students, professionals, freelancers, hobbyists and everything in between. Past ‘FTLO’ events have included creative directors and acclaimed artists.

Home | Richard Gilligan, Joe Sterling, Noel Bowler, Christine Redmond,Eoin O’Connaill, Lorraine Tuck, Lorna O’Brien, Johnny Savage | This Is It Gallery

2nd July, 7:30 pm – 9th July, 5:00 pm

The meaning of home, of a protected refuge, is very often connected with comfort, relationships, family, friends and the traditional rituals that give meaning to our lives. While the term is immediately identifiable and the physical reality of home is a central characteristic of our everyday lives, our perceptions of what home truly means to us does not get very much attention. It seems something most of us have taken for granted, but the most elemental embodiment of life is home. The exhibition deals with peoples personal, political and financial connection with the nature of Home. The viewer is presented with a visual narrative exploring various subjects dealing with the theme. The 8 photographers involved have all taken aspects of this using their unique style.

Saturday 3rd July

Fine Art Black and White Landscapes from Ireland | Neil McShane | Dublin Camera Club

3rd July, 6:30 pm – 31st July, 4:00 pm

I am an Artist not a Photographer. I don’t take photographs, I make images. I live on the island of Ireland with over four thousand kilometers of coast line, and hundreds of lakes rivers and mountains. Mother nature has shaped the landscape into what we see today. Through the medium of black & white photography I have captured this wonderful shape, form and texture. We see in colour but through the art of visualization I see the final image with the deep rich blacks of the shadows down to the whites of the clouds. I do not add or takeaway from the image I capture but use what is there in front of me. I may have to wait for hours or even days until I am happy with the final photograph.

Sunday 4th July

Homeless Gallery | Selected Artists | D-Light Studios

4th July, 11:00 am – 11th July, 4:00 pm

The whole idea of the HOMELESS GALLERY is that there are no entry criteria. ‘Homeless Gallery’ is open to all artists. What is eventually shown during an exhibition depends solely on the participants own self-censorship. We do not pick the participants everybody can show their work: star photographers, professionals, those just starting in photography, students and amateurs. We do not select their work either – we have no demands as to subject, technique, format or number of photographs shown. The photographs themselves can be shown in gilt frames, or just prints stuck on the wall. For professionals, it s a chance of showing some of their more personal work that never finds its way into their commercial portfolios. For amateurs its a chance of showing their work to people other than their nearest family and friends. For those who are shy, it s a chance to pull out those photographs hidden away in drawers.

Chasing Shadows | Ian Mitton, Brian Brady, Louis Haugh, Kamille Matulaityte, MaeveO’Neill, Dominic Turner, Thomas Woods, James Maxwell | The Centre for Creative Practices

4th July, 6:00 pm – 11th July, 5:00 pm

In the age of digital images it could be argued that silver based analogue photography may now be regarded as alternative. Within this exhibition photographers are utilising materials and methods that were originally used in the nineteenth century yet their source negative is, in most cases, produced using digital technology. The digital is not the near neighbour of these process but part of the family. This exhibition not only explores photographic methods but also more importantly scrutinises a collection of concerns and subjects reflecting the eclectic interests of the exhibiting photographers. From manipulated portraits to the occurrence of perceived ‘nature’ within the urban environment, this work not only demonstrates the flexibility of photographic practice but also acknowledges the origins of the art.

Monday 5th July

OpenCall 2010 | Selected Artists | The Complex

5th July, 6:00 pm – 18th July, 6:00 pm

OpenCall 2010 presents an opportunity for Irish-based photographers and artists to showcase their photographic projects. This all-inclusive model hopes to gather a wide variety of interest, impressions and concepts. To attract an extensive participation in its first year, an open theme was proposed, although it was requested that all participants submitted a coherent project of a minimum of 8 images. The works were reviewed by our curators and a final selection of 20 participants will be exhibited at a comprehensive exhibition to be held at The Complex in Smithfield

Rince na h’Eireann – The Dance of Ireland | Liza Cauldwell | Inspirational Arts

5th July, 6:00 pm – 11th July, 6:00 pm

The last fifteen years in the history of Ireland has been one of dramatic change moving the country from a position of economic stagnation to being the fastest growing economy in Europe. This resulted in an alteration in the traditional value structure of the nation, an expansion in the population and a transformation in the appearance of the country. This appearance often manifests itself in the individual and their correlation to the population in general. Codes of behaviour, notions of chronological movement and aspects of the specific related to the generic all interest me in this new environment. Cultural activities have evolved to a point where they also illustrate this general transformation. Rince na h’Eireann is a set of individual portraits of a group of teenage girls from the Cora Cadwell School of Irish Dancing, Dublin, Ireland. They were photographed in their everyday clothes in the community hall where they practice on a weekly basis.

Tuesday 6th July

Dublin Camera Club Annual Exhibition | Selected Artists | Pearse Street Library

6th July, 6:00 pm – 29th July, 4:00 pm

The Annual Exhibition is the highlight of the Dublin Camera Club competition year. It takes place every July. Over 250 images, all taken by our members, will be on display to the general public.

Wednesday 7th July

Belle-île en Mer (1930-1960) | Pierre Jamet | Alliance Française Dublin

7th July, 6:30 pm – 10th September, 6:00 pm Pierre Jamet was a humanist photographer, witness to his century. Having kept close to a modest France as well as a creative one, his photographic work is diverse. Wanting to record reality he was, among others, the author of important historic traits.

Tools of the Trade | Selected Artists | South Studios Dublin

7th July, 7:30 pm – 11th July, 5:30 pm

The exhibition will catalogue a time of analogue photography. Digital photography has changed the face of the industry so radically, we want to pay homage to film cameras before they are rendered obsolete. The exhibition will act like a museum for analogue cameras. This will enable the participating photographers to express their passion for their Tools of the Trade and for the viewer to get and insight into the image-making process.

Thursday 8th July

Inanimate Beauty | Emer Roberts | Stone Gallery

8th July, 6:30 pm – 17th July, 5:00 pm

In this debut solo exhibition of photographs by the multi-discipline artist, Emer Roberts, the fundamental narrative is beauty; via strange depictions of the animal and lands somewhere between the ambiguous and oppressive. Surprise is an element the artist rest heavily on; through her distinct visual style, the images directly link with Roberts’s sculptural practice. She incites an uncertainty in the viewer, often arousing both attraction and repulsion. Roberts’s somewhat morbid fascination with dead animals has developed into a metaphoric tool to suggest the duality of nature and culture; the human and nonhuman, the real and artificial and the power of the institution. The theme of death also runs with the notion of loss and sadness, yet searches instead for its beauty through stillness.

Fuck You All | Glen E. Friedman | Light House Cinema

8th July, 7:00 pm – 25th July, 8:00 pm

Candy Collective and PhotoIreland are proud to present for the first time in Ireland an exhibition of works from Glen E Friedman’s touring collection Fuck You All. Never seen here, there will be 40 pieces on show at the prestigious Light House Cinema in Smithfield Dublin, on July 8th and running until July 25th. Glen E. Friedman is the most significant photographer of his generation. His images of the early Dogtown skateboarders in the late 1970s along with the burgeoning hip-hop and punk rock scenes of the 80s and 90s have made him one of the most important photographers today. With the uncanny ability to capture images of people whose subculture was about to change the world, his subjects range from Jay Adams and Tony Alva to Run DMC, Public Enemy and the Beastie Boys to Minor Threat and Black Flag, among many others.

Friday 9th July

SHOOT: Photography of the moment | Stephen Shore, Nan Goldin, Walter Pfeiffer, Boris Mikhailov, Wolfgang Tillmans, Juergen Teller, Mark Borthwick, AriMarcopoulos | Indigo and Cloth

9th July, 7:00 pm

SHOOT: Photography of the moment presentation talk by Ken Miller

Celebrated with events at the New Museum in New York, Tate Modern in London, FOAMFotografiemuseum in Amsterdam, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, Parco in Tokyo and YAUTEPEC in Mexico City.

Tuesday 13th July

Loose Threads | Selected Artists | The Back Loft, La Catedral

13th July, 7:00 pm – 20th July, 6:00 pm

In an ever-changing Ireland people are becoming more and more interested in their heritage and personal legacy. Loose Threads is an exhibition of photographs by Year Two Photography students from IADT-Dun Laoghaire exploring these legacies through a diverse collection of intriguing and highly creative images. From a collection of landscapes of a family’s favourite places to enigmatic images of teenage life the exhibition hints at an Ireland redefining itself. Viewing times are 1-8pm daily 14th-20th July

Talks & Workshops: for full list, click here (and select ‘Talks’ under ‘Browse by’)

Thursday 1 July – Sunday 11 July 2010
Admission / price: Free

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